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Sunday, August 28, 2016

What Has Happened To Sunday Best?

I grew up in a conservative church where women wore dresses and men wore suits to church on Sunday.  As an adult, I've found many churches who don't hold to a "dress code".  We spent 14 years at Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale where the message was expressly "come as you are".  I enjoyed our years there tremendously but once I had kids, I really wanted to dress them up for church.  Outside of church, there are so few formal occasions to attend that it's nice to get in the habit of dressing up at least once a week.  We only do this on Sunday's.  Wednesday nights the kids wear school clothes.

With young girls 0-4, I found plenty of options but right around 5T the dresses got shorter and less "dressy".

Recently, we went to Target, Kohl's, JCPenny, Bon Ton, Macy's online and Old Navy - not one appropriate dress for Charlotte, our 8 year old, or Violette, our 4 year old who is wearing 5T because she's very tall.

I asked other people at church where they shopped and they all said consignment shops.  I'm just about fed up with shopping and most of the consignment shops in our area are on the other side of town where I rarely go.

Husband volunteered to make skirts but we have enough big projects to finish.

Then I found ThredUp through MoneySavingMom.comThreadUp is an online consignment shop, currently offering 40% or $50 off (whichever comes first) for new customers when you follow the prompt from MSM.  I was surprised at the large quantity of dresses and low cost for what appears to be gently worn items.  I can see many of these costing far more in our local consignment shops.  I quickly made a chart highlighting what dress categories and sizes I wanted to fill and spent several evenings browsing until I was able to fill every spot but one for three seasons!

This is not a paid endorsement, I'm just a super happy customer. The final thing that sold me on buying from ThreadUp is the free returns with store credit.  If you just want to return the merchandise for money back, there is an $8.99 processing fee.  I made sure there were enough items I would be interested in if the dresses I selected did not fit.

Finally, here are the charts I made to give husband a "hint" as to what to put the girls in on Sunday if I'm preoccupied.  The pink stars represent what we already had and all other items were bought on ThredUp:

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