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Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Facebook Brag

Have you ever written a post in your head while doing something you deem as extraordinary?  Well, if you haven't, I'm sure you've seen others who do.  Facebook has given us a platform to list out our accomplishments, growth, and milestones. 

I think it would be hilarious to put up a super braggy post that says, "Rachel takes the gold in summer kitchen Olympics by baking X# loaves, X# canned pints along with all dishes done while the girls played in complete and utter harmony.  #blessed".  

But alas, some humor does not translate well, particularly if someone is having an especially hard, unproductive day.  So I'll keep my silly post here.

On Saturday, I found myself writing a post in my head as I tallied all the things I hoped to accomplish.  I worked furiously from 7:30 - 8:30 to wash all the dishes, bake 2 loaves of sweet potato bread, drain soaked black beans and set up for 3-4 cook time, and get prepped tomatoes out of fridge and set up for their final salsa ingredients and 3-4 hours cook time - all while NOT eating breakfast or drinking coffee.  What a horrible idea, to do all that work on an empty stomach.  Sometimes my Will overcomes my Sanity.  

After breakfast, I took the girls to grandmas house to see about getting a squirrel trap (see last post) and afterwards we stopped by our house, the one we bought 8 months ago and have yet to get a contractor to commit to fixing the roof.  I was shocked to see our yard had turned into a massive jungle.  I shouldn't be too surprised given our 3 week vacation and subsequent 2 weeks of truck trouble but I guess I didn't expect to see one foot tall grass.  How embarrassing, we'd become "those neighbors".  

As we headed home it occurred to me that we could remove the back row of seats in our van to make room for the lawnmower and equipment.  Not sure why this hadn't occurred to me sooner, I guess we kept thinking we'd get the truck back.  Husband promptly agreed to the plan and left for the rest of the day.

I got lunch on the table for the girls and ate while canning the salsa from earlier.  After lunch I put on "Beauty and the Beast" for the girls and spent the next hour making another batch of salsa and two loaves of banana bread.  Just as I was finishing up, Evie came to me asking for a nap and I realized she had a fever.  At this point my day literally stopped, right around 2pm and I didn't put her down until 7pm when I parked her in the highchair for dinner while quickly draining the black beans and putting them into 3 quart bags.  Yes, my beans sat there since lunch!  This is what happens when you have small ones,  She reclaimed my lap right after dinner, of which she ate nothing and I finally put her in bed at 9.

I think she's teething because I couldn't find anything else wrong with her.

Finally, here's my brag photo:

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