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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Buzz Away Extreme - A Natural Insect Repellent

My oldest daughter is a magnet for mosquito's and we've used OFF! family care spray products until now.  I recently had a chance to try Buzz Away Extreme, which is a natural insect repellent spray, and the results were great.

The reason I dislike OFF! is because it's usually sold as an aerosol can and I worry that the over spray gets into places that a spray just doesn't need to go like breathing it in.  I also don't feel comfortable using the chemical Deet.  I have small children, two of which still suck their thumbs and it's hard enough keeping their hands clean.

This summer I was contacted by Buzz Away who asked if I'd like to try out their natural product in exchange for a blog post.  Well sure, I call that fortuitous timing!

We received a 2oz travel size pump spray bottle in June and we used it until leaving for our family vacation in July (forgot to pack it) then used again when we got home in August.  Upon our return, we found the mosquito's had gotten really bad in our backyard.  We live in Maryland where August weather is hot and humid, perfect conditions for mosquitoes.  First day back my oldest ran outside without any protection and promptly got bit all over.  I then found the Buzz Away spray and made sure she was covered every day since and I'm happy to say she's reported no bug bites!

The spray ingredients are listed in this order:
Active ingredients:
Castor Oil (8%), Geranium Oil (6%), Soybean Oil (3%), Cedarwood Oil (1.5%), Citronella Oil (1%), Peppermint Oil (0.5%), Lemongrass Oil (0.25%).

Inert Ingredients:
(79.75% total):  Purified Water, Coconut Oil, Glycerin, Lecithin, Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Wintergreen Oil, (Patented base HOMS(r) formula).

I find the spray smell to be a bit strong but not unpleasant.

This product can be found in a 6oz size on Amazon for $10.86 with Prime (which includes free shipping with account), or on Amazon sold direct from Quantum for $6.79 for 4 oz with $2.95 shipping.

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