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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Travel Tips on Southwest

Southwest - where people pick their own seats after being sorted into groups.  This is a FUN airlines where the Flight Attendants sing and tell jokes but that doesn't stop some people from being very annoying.

1.  To the person seated in the aisle - don't hop up on your seat and expect the person wanting the window seat to squeeze past your bulging knees, that's just awkward, unless it's your plan to dissuade anyone from sitting next to you.  It certainly worked on me as I moved on quickly.

2.  Get your suitcase into the overhead bin by yourself or check in your luggage.  It's just rude to expect the flight attendant to wrestle your bag in - Southwest offers 2 free luggage check in's - which in this day of travel is almost unheard of.  Please don't write to me about people who need help putting their bags up - have you seen how long the airports are to drag a suitcase around?  I sometimes walk 2 miles.  If you can manage to drag your bag that far, changes are you are strong enough to put it in the overhead compartment, unless your arms are ready to fall off from over-packing your carry on and the walk has stressed your arm beyond it's capacity to lift your bag, which if so, I hope you learned your lesson and will check your bag in next flight.

3.  If you check in exactly 24 hours before your flight, you are highly likely to get in the A or early B range.  Southwest does give preference to those who pay the extra $15 for early boarding but even they are subject to early check in times for higher status in the line.  If you are in line A your chances of finding the seat you want and putting your bag in overhead are awesome.  If you are in line B, your chances are pretty good.  If you are in line C, get ready to check your bag at the gate.

4.  If you are flying with several plane stops, you had better take all your stuff with you if you are getting off the plane to shop.  I once had a flight to LA where I got off in Phoenix and came back to find someone sitting ON my scarf and hat.  I don't understand why someone would put their butt on someone else's things but they sure did and acted confused when I asked why they sat in my seat and had the nerve to state Southwest's open seating policy.

5.  Do NOT wave your crotch in someone's face who is seated in the aisle seat.  I don't care if you are male or female, to have a waving crotch in ones face is just weirdly disturbing!  You can move your body about two feet in front of the person and still reach your bag, or you could make sure your crotch is facing the seat area, like behind the persons face.  Or just wait until there's more room on the plane to reach in and get your stuff.

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