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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Working With Babies is Impossible

6:55 - it's way too late to be still working but I'm not done and no one has come to deliver a baby.  It's surprisingly quiet, I'll just finish these last few concepts that have been sitting in my inbox for 3 days.

7:04 - a baby is dropped into my lap with the statement "I'm sorry dear but I can't make dinner, she's being - difficult".

I manage to upload one more concept in the next 10 minutes whilst juggling her from one arm to the other as I shift and save.  I can't remember why it requires so much juggling, must be due to her attempting an angry downward dog and my attempts to wrangle while fervently continuing to upload my files!

Baby escalates unto crisis mode because she does NOT want me to sit at a desk.

She's 5.5 months old and my 4th.  I've rarely had much success with holding a baby while working so I fully believe it's not possible unless they are sleeping and preferably not on me!  Glad my husband is a stay at home dad or my productivity would be in the toilet!

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