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Friday, June 26, 2015

Gay couples can now marry, Bristal Palin is Pregnant, Escaped Convict shot and Trump continutes his crazy attack on all immigrants

Every once in awhile there are just so many headlines that jump out as historic and downright crazy at the same time that I thought today's mix was worth listing out - for my own reference later in life when I say to myself - oh yeah way back then on June 26, 2015.

Let's start with SCOTUS - I didn't know what this stood for until today.  I've heard POTUS used more frequently this year and even FLOTUS but SCOTUS had me a bit confused so it took me a tad bit longer to figure out what was going on today then probably everyone else.  Apparently it means Supreme Court of the United States, because just saying Supreme Court takes way too long to type.  Anyway, they finally got around to making the decision for same-sex couples to marry.  It's historic and that's all I'm going to say about that.

The next announcement is that Bristal Palin is pregnant, out of wedlock, again.  Who cares?  She's apologizing to her family and I just don't get it.  She's an adult now.  It was like a big deal when she was a teenager and her mom was running for vice president but no one cares now. 

Then we find out the escaped convict who had one of the most interesting escapes in ages got shot and killed.  I want to know why?  But the article just says he's dead.  Did he fight back?  I want details!  It's like a live action movie with no information.  Boring.

Lastly, Trump continues his crazy attack on all immigrants and even goes so far as to say he will shut down all trade with Mexico to bring back jobs to the US.  He would make the worst public relations president ever.  It's so much fun to watch the crazy unfold and he's completely unapologetic.  In fact when challenged, he gets even more aggressive!  Could you imagine being his handler? 

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