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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Children's Day 2015

Our family did not celebrate Christmas with presents when we were kids.  Our church was against any kind of tree decoration or anything that might take the attention off the birth of Jesus Christ so we had this mid year day to look forward to where we'd get presents from our parents

I don't recall the church giving us presents when we were kids but now they do.  Charlotte was dressed and standing at the door by 8:15, one hour early!  That's the power of a gift!!

We had their favorite meal of Fettuccine Alfredo for lunch along with Strawberry pie for dessert and then I took a snooze with baby until 4:15.  I then made the kids snacks but Sam was upset that neither he or I could get the fruit roll up off the wax paper.  Charlotte just ate hers off the paper, it's gross but affective.  Sam was determined and then desolate when he could not remove the roll up like he's seen other kids do in class.  I was of no help.

Violette was outside obsessing over her new bubble toy and Charlotte with her new journal when I decided to do a quick sketch.

The first bird was kinda fun and ornery looking but when I got to the next bird my concentration was shot so his poor head is too small.

The next drawing is a more accurate depiction of this 30 minute drawing session.

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