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Monday, June 01, 2015

Day 1 of Summer Vacation - 2015

As a toy designer, I love watching how my kids play with toys but quite honestly they don't inspire many ideas because their idea of play is simply unique to their own interests and imagination.  For example, yesterday I found this -

Yes that's Tinkerbell riding a blue dinosaur bareback, what can I say, kids love naked toys?  I see clothes off more than on with every toy that has removable clothing.

Today I bought these $1.00 bags of building blocks so they could test the connection possibilities.  My husband and I have been percolating on a building block idea for some time now and occasionally it's fun to see what the kids will do with something new.

I also went to the basement and found the only existing Pickachu in the household.  Violette has claimed it and has been shrieking Pickachu all afternoon.

Husband says "kids are all frustrated with each other already" at 5:06pm, this after a forced nap at 2:30 when the shenanigans level got too high.  I guess they need structure but I'm not one to pay for summer camps and stuff so let's hope they enjoy free play!

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