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Thursday, May 30, 2013

A story about how I was nasty to my dad's boss, at age 5

Recently my four year old (almost 5 in a few weeks) said to my boss "I love you" and "You're handsome"!  Which made me exceedingly relieved because when I was her age I was very nasty to my dad's boss.

The year was probably 1980 with the entire family dressed in Sunday best to attend dad's work hosted Christmas dinner.  He loved these events because they had his favorite fried shrimp dish in an all you can eat buffet.  For a family that rarely ate out this was an exceptional treat.  We even attended with our grandfather and his sister because he worked for the same company.

At one point in the evening, my great aunt took me to the bathroom and along the way we were stopped by my dad's boss.  He smiled at me and asked if I was having a good evening.  I said, "Well I was until I ran into you", with all the snottiness a 5 year old can offer.  I felt very satisfied with myself until I saw the look of horror from my great aunt but she was always disapproving about this or that.  She hurried me off to the restroom muttering to herself about manners.

Undaunted by my great aunt's reaction, I returned to the table and proudly announced to my dad what I had done.  His reaction was even worse!  He may have said something like, "oh great, what will he think I've been saying about him at home!"  My mother wisely pointed out that little girls say silly things all the time and it probably wouldn't amount to anything.

Life went on and the incident was forgotten by all but me.  I never forgot that little girls listen to everything their parents say and can have a very defensive reaction.  So I've been careful with my little one to not vent about work in front of her and I think it's paid off.


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