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Saturday, June 01, 2013

Two weeks before moving

This little person has conditioned herself to sleep in the morning so that she can "help" mama pack in the afternoon while the older 2 should be napping.

This one has also elected to stay up and help.

Which means I get to have conversations about why Violette can't have chop sticks.

And explain that if she pokes her eye out it will be too late so no you can't just watch her play with the chop sticks.

And then have to tell her to stop tapping her baby sister on the head with the chop sticks!

Oh and no chop sticks are not meant to pick up river rocks (that Violette stole from the fountain I'm trying to clean).

Stop cleaning to remove a rock from Violette's mouth.  Exasperated, put away cleaning equipment as she gnaws on the ladder!

Baaaaaaaaaa!!! She yells.  She seems to be really enjoying this mess of packing supplies and random stuff.

Meanwhile the oldest rocks wildly on her rocking horse.

I give up and serve snacks.

Looks like someone got an outfit change. 

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