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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Do you ever compare your 3 year old to other kids? Just yesterday I read an article of a 3 year old eats 37 magnets. The article calls the child a toddler. I thought 3 year olds were far beyond the toddler stage AND eating random stupid objects. I look at Charlotte and have a hard time seeing her eat magnets. Well she has a hard time with food in general so we've never had to worry about her.

Sam on the other hand likes to taste rocks and pennies. He's the one we have to watch out for and he's 1. So with this article in mind, I guess we will keep an eye on him until at least 4! At least neither of them have tried to paint the walls with poop!


You can now get an official certificate from MIT for becoming a Pirate. Yes you read that right. And everyone knows Pirates are way cooler than Ninja's.


Etymology of Pittsburgh - "Crick/Creek: Only 4 percent of Americans say “crick”—but 27 percent of Pittsburghers do, while another 12 percent of us use “crick” and “creek” interchangeably." That's funny, I grew up with my grandfather saying Crick for Creek.


That's all I got. Hope you all have a great Random Tuesday!


Stacy Uncorked said...

I do that comparison all the time - mostly between Princess Nagger and Little Dude, because PN was/is an angel and Little Dude is a little devil. ;) Though at 4 he mostly doesn't put things in his mouth, though explaining to him why he shouldn't bite his way around the outside of his books isn't such a great idea. Also why he only gets Mega Blocks vs. Lego's. :)

That's funny you can get an official certificate for becoming a Pirate. I'm going to have to check that out! :)

I'm Team Creek vs. Crick. ;)

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Anonymous said...

I think once they hit 3 they're done being toddlers. Neither of my kids ever swallowed anything so I don't know. Now, my oldest did shove a bead so far up his nose we had t sedate him to remove it. BUT, at least he didn't swallow it. :)

Mama Up! said...

We still say toddler and ours just turned 3, but I think it's habit more than anything else!

She's not mouthy, though, but I know plenty of 3 year olds who are.

Harriet said...

It's wash and warsh around these parts.

Have a great Tuesday!

rubberbacon said...

Yep, my grandfather said warsh too!!!

rubberbacon said...

Just in case any of the 3 people who commented visit back, I did NOT delete your comments. I reinstalled Disqus and it deleted them. Sad :(