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Monday, March 19, 2012

I may have overdone it a little bit on Saturday

These 2 kids, 1 and 3, have so much energy. By 9am I'm already feeling overwhelmed by their impatience to go out and play. Every Saturday they are climbing the walls. They have a very calm schedule during the week with regular nap times, trips to the store with dad, movies and meals well timed to keep them in perfect harmony but for some reason on Saturday they seem desperate to get out.

We start with Tradewinds park to check out the Educational Farm and petting zoo. I successfully navigate 2 kids from playground to general store to buy tickets, then to the rest room and finally in line with 5 minutes to spare before the tour starts. It's a tricky balance to satisfy small people who are full of energy. I spot 2 organized moms with one child each, they have bags with drinks and snacks draped neatly over the shoulder, I remember being that organized with one. Now I seem to fly on instinct. My kids don't want to slow down to eat a snack so why bother carting one? I carry one drink that I serve to myself and both kids - sorry for you sanitation folks out there, kids are going to share germs regardless of assigned cups so I'm over it.

We see a big 400lb pig who gives Charlotte a kiss, she doesn't even flinch. "It likes me!" she crows. We move onto zebra chicken (Charlotte's description), big cows with horns, sheep and goats. By the time we reach sheet and goats Sam is done cooperating and I have to hold him up on the fence rail to keep him from falling face down in the dirt in protest but at least we manage to pet a few more animals and make our way to the car without too much drama.

They both sleep in the car in the drive home thus ruining any chances of a two hour afternoon nap.

I sit in the driveway until both wake up, then it's a mad rush to make lunch for famished kids.

After lunch they watch Shaun the Sheep for two hours, I feel slightly guilty but need to get some work done on the computer. By the time dad gets home from work at 5, they have shoes on and are ready to go back out to a park - yes a 2nd park of the day!

Insert Story - Friday night was a nightmare, both kids hopping out of bed for 2 hours straight, my determination level to wear them out on Saturday knows no boundaries.

Following 2nd park Charlotte demands Chick Play, sure why not. I limit them to 15 minutes of play because they seriously look ready to drop, we order theirs take out and leave for home.

Home for supper, bath time and mission accomplished, they fall asleep quickly.

However, the next day I'm so exhausted I sleep through church. I come home and rest until 4pm with contractions that are kinda painful making me think baby will make an early debut but she finally settles down and I direct husband into rearranging our master bedroom to accommodate her play pen.

It's hard to find a balance in this last month. So much to do, so little energy.

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