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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Moments in my "Working from Home" experiement

Background - doctor put me on modified bed rest last week (I'm up to 34 weeks), the following is a summary of the most interesting moments thus far:

* I try to sit outside for 1/2 hour every day to enjoy the weather, never mind the noisy bulldozers flattening the field next to our condo to make way for new super Walmart. At least I'm outside for a bit and get to glance up and see large white crane scale a bush in search for lizards to eat. He moves so cautiously.

* The kids have been overjoyed to have me home every day and their exuberance breaks through the sound barrier of the closed office/bedroom door. I hear knocking, and sometimes a little voice yells "Mama, I love you" under the door while I'm in a phone conference with COO from work.

* I get to eat lunch and snacks with the kids every day! That's both fun and exasperating because I get pulled into every food drama whereas when I'm in the office I only hear vague reports at the end of the day.

* My 3 year old daughter now asks every day if she can sit with Mama on the big bed and play with her iPhone to watch movies and play games. It's really not any more distracting then the chaos I put up with at work as adults play DVD's in our creative department and talk loudly about their opinions, etc. And it's kinda cute that she looks over to see what I'm working on and see's a picture of baby Ariel and baby Rapunzel - did I mention I work on new toy development? Of course she wants one of everything on the screen!


Christa the BabbyMama said...

I was this close to having to go on bed rest with my daughter. In fact, the day it was ordered, I had her!

I love working from home. I'm trying to get back to it. Not necessarily working from home with my daughter at this point. Our 3 year old is too needy for working from home unless she's ill enough to lay on the couch.

rubberbacon said...

Oh I definitely have to have childcare! My husband is a stay at home dad and he takes care of the kids. They need far too much attention to concentrate on any productive work unless it's like 30 minutes of iPhone time where she is entertaining herself!

Steph said...

You are almost there! Congratulations.. it does sound like you are having a nice time with the extra time with the kiddos. How fun for your daughter!

rubberbacon said...

Hi Steph! It is a nice way to ease back into home life before the baby gets here. Hope you are well!!

Diane D. said...

Just getting caught up - hope everything is okay (with the modified bedrest)! Glad it has been somewhat enjoyable :)