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Thursday, March 29, 2012

My baby boy had a double bad day

When Sam get's tired he likes to nose dive into pillows. I guess it should be no surprise that today his head hit the wooden arm of the couch when pillow moved. The lump on his forehead was horrible, but after icing the swelling went down and he ate a hearty lunch of peanut butter and jelly.

After nap time, we decided to take the kids to Chick Fil A because it was 1:30, I hadn't stopped for lunch and I was just tired of budgeting for the month. We piled into the van and headed over to our favorite spot. Kids played, I ate lunch while dad watched. Once they seemed reasonably settled, all came out for shakes and drinks. I'd say the boy deserves a shake to make up for morning head trauma and you can see how the swelling went down.

While dad is eating his lunch I caught Sam out of the corner of my eye climbing up on a bench. He fell, I heard his roaring cry and husband went in to comfort. A routine fall right? Happens all the time right! Then a girl said, is he okay, he's bleeding! Sure enough, his chin is gushing and husband rushes him out to the van for our first aid kit.

Pick up lunch husband hasn't eaten, gather laptop (yeah I was trying to take my work with me), put shoes on daughter and join them. Husband says, he needs stitches. I call the pediatrician who assures me he probably need stitches. I say, we can't go anywhere until we get gas because van is on empty so we stop for gas while Sam guzzles the last of my cookies and cream shake - whatever takes his mind off the double head traumas from today! But it makes the band-aide sticky and fall off. I suggest, lets go home, clean it again and see if he really needs stitches.

We come home, settle in, pull out all our medical supplies and examine our one year old. Sure enough a one inch long gaping - I mean wide open gaping wound! I'm like, yeah he needs stitches, you take him and I'll stay home with drama queen who's in the background trying to be understanding but desperately wanting attention. She keeps saying, poor Sam and trying to relate it to her own worst injury.

Husband and Sam leave, I stay with Charlotte and entertain her with movies and iPhone while I continue working. They come home $300 poorer from the ER and Sam tears into another PB&J with strawberries. He has a hearty appetite!

We keep the kids separated for the rest of the day so they don't play hard and bust his chin open again. We are exhausted. The only thing that could have made this day worse is my water breaking - which didn't happen! Thank God!!


Tara said...

Wow, Rachel. What a day. Glad Mr. Sam is ok. Charlotte reminds me so much of Evelyn. She would do the same thing...

Amanda said...

What an eventful day! Thankfully baby V didn't put the cherry on top of the cake. Boy Sam's a tough guy, Im happy hes doing better ....and Charlotte's " boo boo" :-)

Amanda said...

Poor Sam. After a day like that it's a wonder your water didn't break. Thank goodness for small blessings. Hope he heals quick.

Stacey at Real World Mom said...

Poor Sam! That was a pretty bad day. Hugs to him!