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Friday, March 23, 2012

Counting down the days to baby

I have been frantically following up with people at work, trying to make sure they are ready for my impending departure and it's like they are in a fog with forgetting to do important things and no sense of prioritization. It's puzzling, and making me work harder and longer hours to make sure they are clear on what needs to be done. But they've been given one more week of my time and that's it! I declare maternity leave as of April 1st so I can focus solely on bring baby V into this world.

Other volunteer commitments:
Brain is mush the last few weeks. Body is tired, achy, unable to keep up the pace I used to find so breezy. Can't remember the last time I did something productive other than the business meeting for Women in Toys I managed to drag myself out to, and cleaned up quite well if I don't say so myself!
I look so relaxed and confident at 10am, you'd never know the achy, whiny mess I become by 10pm!

Communication with Friends:
I've read your emails/blogs and likely began crafting a response in my head and then got distracted with 20 billion thoughts like, did I order baby diapers yet? A baby book for foot prints in the hospital - panic, haven't done that, ordered my mom's ticket - check, has husband organized all the book cases like I asked him to, it's all urgent urgent urgent. So apologies, I'll make a concerted effort to answer you all very soon.

Baby Schedule:
I can't help myself, project planner by nature requires that I put in request to doctor to give me an induce date. I did it with Sam and it worked out quite nicely. Sorry mother nature, I need to do this. Date is set for April 5th, my mom arrives the day earlier. Let the final count down begin.


Amy Sullivan said...

You are so beautiful! Oh, that baby tummy...

Don't worry about reading or crafting responses. We all think you are pretty fantastic and we'll be around once life settles.

Oh, did you know I "met" Katrina from The Poorganic Life through you, and now she's coming to my IRL party? Good job, you, for introducing us.

Alos, I must go check out Still the Sea. I'm always looking for cool stuff like that...

Angie said...

You look fabulous! Good Luck and we'll be thinking of you!

rubberbacon said...

Thanks Angie! Appreciate the visit.

rubberbacon said...

Thank you Amy, you always know the right things to say!!