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Thursday, August 20, 2009

In between work, beach going, vacations & occasional church posts is an extremely frazzled mommy, a scratched daughter & locked up guest cat

Back story -

Husband has had classes every night this week which means I rush home at 5:30 and we pass each other in the doorway. I then attempt to make dinner with small child underfoot who hasn't seen me all day and wants attention.

Cue current evening, dinner was made and while sitting at desk I fed Charlotte some cheerios while eating salad. The entire time she was really grumpy and kept wandering off for other entertainment - ending with her in the hallway out of sight with the guest cat who scratched her hand and I think she might have bumped her head.

Feeling horrible barely describes it.

Locking guest kitty in bathroom - requirement for the next 3 days.

Request to husband - please make dinner for me to take to work, eat at 5pm BEFORE coming home to baby on your class nights. It can be a simple wrap, PB&J, I don't care, as long as it's a food option. Your everlasting loving but frazzled wife.

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