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Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's Saturday and we went to the beach

It's our routine and we see no good reason to stray from a good thing. There may come a day when we no longer live in South Florida and now is the time to make sure we get the most for our "investment dollars" --- or one might say "live every day like it's going to be your last", or "why pin for the future when you can enjoy life now?"

Speaking of investment dollars, I've been meaning to write about how owning property that's dropped 50% in value isn't all it was supposed to be but that's kinda depressing and isn't most of the country in the same boat? So this blog will continue to focus on the positive's of South Florida - or at least until our 5 Year ARM mortgage is reset in October 2010. Until then we have big plans to enjoy life and squirrel away as much savings as possible for that inevitable day.

Moving onto the fun part, we hit a milestone! Walking on the beach!!! Charlotte has alternated between crawling and walking for several months in our home and so it was pretty cool to see her stand up and walk on the beach:

and then she fell down,

and picked herself back up without a fuss

as Grit once said, I was over the moon with pride!


Christina said...

Thanks for your comment and for the link to my blog!

I posted this as a reply to u on my blog but wanted to give you the info here in case u miss it. So glad she liked them, at least on day 1 lol.

WOW. no butter and it still worked. not bad! good to know. Yes they might be a little drier the next day. I shou;d have mentioned that after i pop them out of the freezer i spinkle them with a tiny bit of water and microwave them for a couple of seconds.
You could do that even if u didnt freeze them if they r a little dry.

Also, I would make sure i stored them in a ziplock or tupperware if i wasnt freezing them.

When freezing be sure to wrap in plastic wrap, foil then pop into ziplock to prevent freezer burn.

My son is one yr old but I still cut them into pieces, he will not bite into a whole one himself. try it and let me know!

Unknown said...

hi again! your daughter is precious and what darling pictures.

don't worry about october 2010 when it's still september 2009 :-) natural to worry about the future but you are right to stay focussed on enjoying life where you're at right now. beach life: yeah!