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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Foreign Exchange Kitteh

Co-worker had an emergency trip to Colombia and I volunteered to cat-sit. I say "Foreign Exchange" because she speaks Spanish to her cat. Not sure if new Kitteh understands us. We've considered leaving Telemundo on all day for her comfort.

Many years of cat experience has taught us to not mix cats so ours are in the garage for the week.

Day 1 had new Kitteh in carrier and under couch. She's nervous and hisses at us frequently.

Day 2 has her out visiting the dog, trying out our couches and avoiding the baby.

Co-worker is trying to find a home for Kitteh since she is young, single and likes to travel - unfortunately for her, Kitteh is not happy with the travel part and is desperate for attention - co-worker claims Kitteh cried real tears when she came home from a weekend away. We don't wish to be the recipients of a 4th kitteh. She's very cute but we have our hands full. Seriously - no more kitteh's!

Here's our gorgeous calico visitor:

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