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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Totally worth it!

In case you hadn't noticed I was having a bit of home bound anxiety. After a week cooped up at work I was just itching to get outside and play with my baby. A series of fortunate events lead to a perfect morning.

First the rain subsided enough for us to escape by 10am and get a Chick Fil A sausage, egg and cheese biscuit (I love these things way more then I should).

I threw a piece of Naan bread at Charlotte to keep her happy on the 1/2 hour drive and thankfully she fell asleep on the way.

Due to the morning rain, the preferred parking meter spots are empty! At 11am this is astonishing and most unexpected.

Sleeping baby gives me time to eat breakfast, put on suntan lotion, organize our beach gear AND put lotion on the baby. Hee hee, I'm sneaky that way. I even saved some biscuit & egg for her which upon waking she promptly grabbed in her firm little grip.

The first thing we do is survey the beach front and note the red flag is out which means Hazard, Rip Currents. Wind is strong so no beach umbrella today. Good thing we are both covered in 50spf sunblock, resolve to walk the beach and take less gear.

Upon finding a nice deserted spot, we settle close to the water because the sand is wet and cool and there's lots of sea weed to play with.

Here is Charlotte surveying the waves:

Moving onto sand flinging (notice the biscuit still in her right hand? she covered it in sand and ate it shortly after - I swear I was thinking in my head she won't do that!):

Drawing in the sand:

Happily surveying the waves:

Practicing a bit of yoga (downward dog pose):

And then whoaaaa girl, getting really close to that water! I thought you didn't like the waves rolling over you. Remember 2 months ago when you clung to me for dear life as we sat in the calm peaceful water????

At this point I throw my camera into the bag and referee the beach front as she repeatedly crawls into the water and giggles as the waves wash over us. Just to give you an idea of how hard they were hitting - in order to remove some of the sand caked on us, I walked into the water till it was about knee height and a wave hit me so hard from behind it knocked my sunglasses off. Yeah - at that point I took her back to the front of the water and just knelt in the sand in front of her with a bear hug as the waves washed around us.

My baby, almost 14 months old, is a wild women!


Greasycog said...

She will be surfing before you know it.

crazywildberry said...

@Mike, Hahaha!