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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Stroller (Pram) Envy

In church today I was pulled out of the service 30 minutes in. I said this before but I'm a slow learner, I'm not sitting in the front until she's a teenager! That said, I found myself in the nursery and at the close of the service I introduced myself to a lady with the most amazing stroller(pram) I had ever seen! It had a swivel for the car seat/bassinet to rotate on so when seated next to it, the mom can rotate the baby towards her. Unbelievably awesome design.

Check it out:

It is called THE ORBIT! I came home and immediately looked it up online, as you can clearly presume by the photo above, and the cost is - $900!!! That is like the Hummer of strollers!

I have a humble Cosco Umbrella Stroller and it was free (but retails for $16.99). Seriously - my husband found it.

Prior to this I was using a BabyBjorn Front Pack first used on 8/16/08, cost $99.99:

Now, 2 months later, Charlotte dislikes this carrier. She likes the free stroller so I'm sticking with that for now!


Anonymous said...

I contemplated a Bugaboo for about 5 minutes. Turns out they (and many of the other high end strollers) are super heavy and a pain the ass to fold up and put in the car.

Having said that, I do get pangs of envy when I see them in the mall and around the city. I try to remind myself that my snap n go is the practical stroller as I have NO IDEA how much I'm going to use the stroller, or what features will be important to me, or any of that.

I figure at about a year I'll trade up, but not a 700-1000 dollar stroller. I'd be perfectly happy to drop 150-200 on a decent model and put the other 600-800 in her college fund or towards a trip or hell--pay for her clothes for like a year or more.

The Orbit *is* really cute though...sigh.

crazywildberry said...

I love my Graco Stroller. I even upgraded to the Graco Duo Glider (the double stroller) when my second baby came along. I use them a lot. First graco was a shower gift. The double stroller was bought second-hand.

I do not see what is so wonderful about the Orbit. (sorry!) I guess I keep thinking about that hefty price tag. Wow! That is a lot of money just to have the baby sit facing me. I can think about 1,001 other things to spend that money on.