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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Grocery shopping at 9:40pm

I debate with myself - should I go tomorrow after work? No, I like to come straight home and spend time with the baby. Could I go during lunch? No, I'd only want to get a few things so as to not shove too much food in the work fridge. Finally I convince myself to go because I'm out of milk and would be really irritated with self in morning.

So armed with a LIST, as recommended by Potty Mummy, I head off to the store.

Highlights -
A guy tosses a cart my way and says "here ya go"

Croissants are out of stock, didn't need the extra calories.

Walking towards the vegetables I hear a young couple:
girl "yeah well she's 91"
guy "well she can't die any sooner"

??? they want an old lady to die for what reason?

I poke around the vegetable section locating the following:
1 green pepper
1 potato
Ginger (while looking for it, I found Horseradish Root; I like the relish so the root must be fun to cook with but it all looks moldy, must do more research on this)
1 zucchini (does anyone know the difference between zucchini and cucumber? I hope I bought the right thing)

While browsing the potatoes, the old lady scheming couple stroll over:
guy "do you like portobello mushrooms?"
girl brays "yeah"
guy "why don't you buy them?"
girl - silence

Leaving the vegetable section I spot an abandoned basket with meat. What would possess a person so abandon a basket of meat?

As I approach the meat section I run into the old lady scheming couple embracing while discussing Rib Eyes.

I finalize my purchases and head up to the check out counter. I inquire when the store closes and it's 10pm although I'm leaving at 10:13pm. On the way home, I realize that is why the store was so empty. Then I wonder if the the old lady scheming couple were stealing meat. I've read that people steal meat more often during an economic downturn.

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