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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Getting my Mommy legs

Since going back to work, I have a short bout of panic on Friday night before my big weekend with the baby. My husband works on the entire weekends and is away from 8am - 8pm. I rush around on Friday night getting stuff ready for the next day, prepping quick to eat lunch and snacks, couple loads of laundry and dishes.

On Saturday morning I'd try to get up earlier then husband and baby to get a shower but more often then not, baby would wake up while I was in the shower or making breakfast and husband would be inclined to take over. I realized I was cutting into his short morning and resolved to fold my shower and breakfast into the day with baby.

I'm thrilled to say it's working! I've been able to get her off to sleep after her first bottle for just enough time to do both. I'm also getting a few more chores done around the house during my day with her.

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