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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Newton's Third Law - regarding babies

For every fantastic day, there is an equal and opposite horrible day.

Yesterday was fantastic! We didn't have one scream; mama predicted baby's every need and both were happy the entire day. We went to Barnes and Noble, well the parking lot to start, and wandered over to Starbucks to get a decaf one splenda iced latte. While in line an older lady begins the chatter I've become accustomed to - how cute!, how old?, girl/boy?, is she a good baby? My anonymous life is gone. Midway through the chatter I get nervous as baby shoves a fist into her mouth. "Is she hungry or teething?", Yes she's hungry. I debate leaving the line because my iced latte will only melt while I feed baby, but then I'll have to wait in this long line again - then my turn is up.

Outside, feed baby, when finished prop her up on my legs to take cute photos on phone which are texted to grandparents and husband - I give myself mad props for figuring this out. Move onto to 2nd half of bottle when baby releases her now customary while we are out BM and prepares for a big cry. I pack everything and rush to the bathroom to find no changing station - really Starbucks, I thought better of you! Forced to go back outside to the table farthest away from everyone to change a really messy diaper - but I really don't care because baby is still happy.

Wander down to favorite dessert shop for chocolate eclair and conveniently forget recent pact to lose weight.

Wander back to Barnes and Noble and read magazines. Read cue that baby is done for the day and bring her home.

For the remainder of day she is adorable.

She sleeps 8 hours that night.

Feeling like I've finally conquered this baby thing, I plan our trip to church. I should have known to stay home when it takes me 30 minutes to find my car keys. A frantic search of the house then leads me to the car which is unlocked??? I finally find them in the diaper bag outside pocket.

Leave home late with baby and she throws up as soon as we get to the car. Starts to cry as I clean her. Turn around Rachel, just turn around now!

Drive to church and she calms down; while walking to the nursery realize we are really late so once I get her there I basically throw her at them.

Service is about the end of the world - part II. Forgot pen when changing purses but someone lets me borrow a pencil. Very interesting sermon and when done I linger to read the bulletin while waiting for the crowd to disperse. Next go to bathroom and then back to the nursery.

"She's really good but she wouldn't let me sit down and did not want to eat", says the attendant. She hands my daughter over the counter who screams upon contact. I take this as communication suggesting she is hungry and must be fed immediately!

We go to the mommy nursing room and settle down for what should be an hour of eating and diaper change. Eating goes fine but somewhere during the burping stage she develops some nasty gas and becomes inconsolable. The next service has started and the moms in the room are there for the service. I'm the only hanger on with a crying baby. So I leave to pace the hallway; not working. Leave the hallway to pace the main hallway and finally lay her down on a bench and give her a tummy massage. She calms down. So I pick her up and she screams, put her down and she stops. Now this seems slightly unreasonable to me since I can't leave her here all day! They are on the last service for God's sake. Screaming or not I resolve to take her back to the nursery and pack our things to go. She behaves until we enter the quiet room with all the sleeping babies and moms listening to church and lets out a def con 5 scream that continues as I resolutely stuff her into her backpack and kneel to gather all her things. Can someone explain to me how my diaper bag got so full I cannot close it?. Meanwhile a mom I was chatting with earlier rushes over and suggests a pacifier - why didn't I think of this? The mom must assume I have something against pacifiers because she starts babbling about how there is nothing wrong with them and they improve a babies latching ability. I'm like, hey what ever works to end this endless shrieking. I begin a frantic excavation of diaper bag and realize it's gone! So new mommy friend gives me one of hers, "it's sterilized" she promises. Charlotte immediately calms down with pacifier. God bless other moms. I was so worried I was pissing everyone off with my screaming baby and at least one mom does her best to help. I will return the favor one day - this I swear.

At home Charlotte continued her wild ways but it's okay. She has finally fallen asleep on my chest to allow me this blogging moment.


crazywildberry said...

Sounds like just another couple of days in the park with a baby. One day it's raining, the other sunny and pleasant. Ya just never know. :D

By the way, she was probably screaming and crying because of gas. Being on her back probably eased the pain a little. It was smart of you to give her that little massage.

Millennium Housewife said...

And now hopefully you're having a good day, there's nothing like a bad day to exhaust a baby and give you lots of delicious sleep the next ahhhh. MH

Potty Mummy said...

Just caught up with your last few posts - you have been busy! As for the pacifier - whatever works is what I say!

Greasycog said...

Ha ha ha! Papa has his revenge for all those days he comes home from work and hears "Oh she was a good girl and we went here and there and did this and that and she barely made a peep!" Welcome to my world!

crazywildberry said...

Now, now, Mike! Settle down. Someday you will be giving the look of "aren't you jealous" across the room to mom when Daddy's little girl prefers you over her. So baby girl is giving you a hard time now. It's only because she has hung out with mom for the last nine months. They've gone to work together, shopped together, ate together, etc. long before she was even born. Just you wait. This phase will only last so long.

Iota said...

They like to keep their parents on their toes, do the babies. They lull them into a false sense of security, let them think they've got it worked out, and then smirk in their little cribs, planning what to do the next day to remind those adults that they haven't got a clue, let alone any control.

R. Molder said...

Wow thanks for all the comments! I guess I'll just have to relish the good days and comfort baby on her bad days.

CWB - it was definitely gas, I'm just not used to an inconsolable baby. How long do you walk with them? When do you just pack them up and take them home?

Hi Millennium Housewife - thanks for stopping by. She had gas the following day so it was about the same.

Hi Potty - I'll take whatever works!

Hi Mike - CWB is right, you will have your smug days.

Hi Iota - thanks for visiting! I bet you are right - but I just hope she behaves for her upcoming visit to grandma's house! The travel I mean - I'm sure the visit itself will be one big spoil event.

crazywildberry said...

As far as walking with them... Do all you can to get them comfortable. If there is nothing else you can do and all she wants to do is cry, why make yourself frustrated trying to get her to stop what she is determined to do? Maybe a ride in the car is just what she needs anyhow.

If it's gas, try the trick I mentioned on another one of your posts. Hold her, tummy side down along your arm, her limbs all hanging down. Pat her bum or her back and walk gently rocking or swinging her as you walk. This worked for me when I took care of a little boy who was colicky. Let me know if it works for you...