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Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekend outing update

On Sunday Charlotte made my mommy dream come true. She slept sweetly at an outdoor restaurant while I read a book! Back up a bit...

Morning we left for church - on time - and I dropped her at the nursery. I'm such a trusting sort, I just dropped her off without a backward glance. 2 hours later, come back to find she slept the entire time. Slightly miffed considering she would not have done that at home, I take her to the nursing room for her lunch. 2 months of motherhood have taught that an awake baby must eat immediately. We lounge for another hour and listen to the next service start up along with all the songs and I get to sing to Charlotte.

She falls asleep on the walk to the car so I take her to my favorite lunch spot, an outdoor walk with restaurants and such. Considering she just ate and is likely to nap a bit since it's quite warm outside, I stuff her into her backpack and take a walk to collect a few things. First stop Starbucks for iced latte and bulk espresso beans, coordinate payment and such while balancing purse and diaper bag - I seriously need to downsize purse contents to fit into diaper bag so I can hold one bag. Sorry purse, you no longer define me as a prized leather accessory proudly purchased in Hong Kong, now need snappy diaper bag. Starbucks only has giant bags left, happily take one since it can consolidate all purchases.

Next stop Too Jay's for favorite chocolate eclair and dessert for husband. Chat with blond mom with 3 month old who's legs are much fatter then mine and discuss how chubby Charlotte will be in a month.

Next stop Barnes & Noble. I didn't mean to pull this stop but was passing the window and saw "Chasing Harry Winston" by Lauren Weisberger. I liked "The Devil Wears Prada" so thought this would be a good read.

Note - she is still sleeping.

Next stop, restaurant, order favorite chicken sandwich and proceed to book. Read about 7 pages and suddenly remember this author's 2nd novel was really bad. Her first was dealing with her real life experience and thus a richer descriptive novel. The 3rd threatens to be a repeat of the 2nd with one of the main characters sounding like a clone of Gisele B√ľndchen. I'm not sure why it irritates me so much that an author would first describe a character in such that I paint a mental image of Gisele but that she then goes so far as to say her character is thought of in Manhattan as the next Gisele. It dumbs down a readers ability to imagine the character when author feels need to be so specific.

Anyway, regardless of my critical outlook on book, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that Charlotte kept sleeping. Lunch arrived and I went to car to get her car seat, placed her in it and she kept sleeping! Finished lunch before she began to stir so I fed her. Around 3pm we finish and as I'm placing her into car seat she makes her poopy face so we rush with purse, now very full shopping bag, diaper bag and HEAVY car seat to bathroom. It presents a quandary, solid wooden door requires putting car seat on floor, prop door open, scoot car seat into next room where I'm presented with 2 more solid wooden doors - apparently each holds individual toilet with sink, neither with baby changing table, but one with marble counter top and room so small I have to prop door open with car seat. Thankfully Charlotte is back to napping while I set up her changing pad and such. She stretches sweetly and doesn't squawk about strange conditions.

Leave restaurant and on drive home call mom to proudly recount days events. Mom cheers me on as I come home to finish out the day.


Greasycog said...

She never does that for me!

crazywildberry said...

Bravo! Good day for you both. Good luck downsizing that purse. You will be glad when you do. Life is just so much easier then, but you have to remember to put all that stuff back in purse before heading to work. :D

Mike... Sorry, dad. Mom's seem to get all the breaks. You will get your days too. Hubby is so discouraged when i tell him, "...the kids took a three hour nap today...". It isn't frequent, but it sure is nice when it happens.

R. Molder said...

Thanks for the encouragement CWB!!!

Guideblog.info said...

Your baby is so cute!!! I wish I will have a baby as cute as yours! Anyway, greetings from a solid wooden doors representative from sunny Malaysia!