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Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend outing update

This past weekend I continued with my quest to get baby out of house, into car and stops as various locations in South Florida.

- finally wrestled baby into car at 4:30pm, somehow it took about 4 hours to hit the right combination of post feeding and sleepy baby.
- arrival at Barnes and Nobel and baby is fussing a bit.
- get out of car, go to release baby from car seat prison and her face is bright red with exertion. She hasn't had a BM since Wednesday and it appears the poop fairy has chosen this moment to show up. I grab baby, her bag, her new Bijorn backpack, purse and run for the bathroom (checking first that poop is not escaping from diaper). Poor baby, this is the worst one I've seen yet and cleaning her in B&N bathroom is a daunting task but managed.
- spend 1/2 hour reading magazines, breast feeding baby for first time in public
- stuff baby into Bijorn backpack and stroll the outside shops, stop at favorite to get chocolate eclair
- return home

- leave for church 15 minutes late, they offer nursery care but I opt to sit in the cafeteria with other moms where they have monitors of the church service, manage to breast feed in public again (I'm practicing for upcoming flight home in 3 weeks)
- go to Target for new onsies and other various stuff

All trips measured a success since baby did not get mad and hit any shrill high notes at any location.

It seems I only write about the successful trips. I should have written about how last week she was really angry with the Boca Whole Foods trip and I had to carry her through the massively crowded store and push the cart that only wanted to go left with the other hand. It's amazing how infuriating an insensitive crowd can make a new parent as I push the left wandering cart and correct the direction with my foot, I just want to scream I have a cranky newborn get out of my way!!! I just chalk it up as a learning experience of how-to-calm-angry-baby-in-public-and-stay-calm. Upcoming flight has me a bit nervous even though it's only a 2 hour flight and a following 2 hour drive to grandma's house - I have no idea how she will react.

I now leave her in her father's capable hands for a week of outings.


Potty Mummy said...

Sounds like you're taking it all in your stride SB. Be prepared for 'neckers' on the plane though. (Do I need to spell out what that means? I doubt it...). Both our boys seem to feel the need to get things out of their system in the air, for some reason...

And just in case you don't know this, take-off and landing (in my experience, the latter is the worst) can hurt a baby's ears, so if possible try and time a feed for ascent and descent. I promise you it works - if she's affected. Boy #1 still has trouble with his ears, but just to prove no two babies are the same, Boy #2 never bats and eyelid.

R. Molder said...

Thanks for the advice. I went to the doctor's office today and she gave me the same recommendation. I will definitely try it. As for "neckers" if I manage to bring husband along he will make sure I'm well covered.

Potty Mummy said...

It's good use of the word, but actually what I meant by necker was - poo that goes all the way up from the bottom of the nappy to the back of the baby's neck. Gross, huh?

Hope that's all you ever have to learn about them...

Grit said...

dig used to say that just getting to the car was an achievement, and even if we got out again without the key ever turning in the ignition, it still counted as a success!

crazywildberry said...

Just so you know, I think it's WONDERFUL that you are nursing. However, there are some that don't. So, if you get those looks, you know, from the ones that don't agree or understand, just ignore them. My mother-in-law and her family are all big, "Why-don't-you-do-that-in-the-bathroom?" people. I just chuckle and ask myself whether they would eat there too. I am hoping that you don't get those looks, but just know you might and not to let that discourage you from doing the best for your baby.

Also, plan on stopping at least once on the way from the airport to your mom's house to check on baby girl in case she gets hungry or needs a diaper change. Even if she doesn't, just being out of her seat for a few minutes might make your trip a little easier. I have stopped at many rest stops to do such things. A calm baby and a calm mom are better to arrive than stressed guests anytime! :D

Have fun with the family and know that I will be here disappointed that I will have to miss you this time! Say Hi! to your mom for me.

crazywildberry said...

Also, in case a feeding is not what she wants, a pacifier (or finger) works too, I hear. Anything that gets her sucking. Hope you have a calm takeoff and landing, for sure!

R. Molder said...

hi potty - ooohh, noted "neckers" are a poo reference. To date we've only had a few exploding diapers, none shot up the back yet. Will hope this does not occur on flight.

hi grit - I still can't figure out how you got 3 in and out on a regular basis. I find myself pleased with little one in her backpack wondering how one manages 2 or 3. Must be a big stroller.

Hi CWB - I don't plan to nurse in front of my family but in front of strangers, I could care less. Will definitely take your advise and stop on the way home. I was considering renting a car VS mom and brother picking us up at airport. I'm worried baby will scream on the way home and seriously unnerve driving brother. Mom says I'm worrying for nothing but even she did not experience Charlotte's full and mighty temper.