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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Baby is 9 weeks old today!

I'm told she put her hand into mouth, dug nails into gums, then pulled lip really hard when she realized it was her hand doing the damage.

Not happy folks! Not happy!

I was not warned that babies tend to do damage to themselves. I've spent 7 years making toys safe and never once was told of the pain babies inflict on themselves. I've witnessed her poke herself in the eye, scratch the face - this one is common, punch herself in the chest, hit herself in the face, and this doesn't even begin to cover the damage she inflicts on my person with those nails. I cut them at every opportunity and I swear they grow back to the same size overnight.

Anyway - Happy Birthday baby! Will try to make tomorrow a happier day.


crazywildberry said...

My son was all scratched up even before we left the hospital. I promptly cut his nails on arrvial home. He needed to wear those little mittens they make for babies to prohibit them from make a scratched mess of their cute little faces. I would look into those for her. She is too precious and cute to be scratching herself. And I don't think she will care much. Well, it's worth a try anyhow. Good luck!

R. Molder said...

She pulls them off. Won't wear socks on her hands or feet.

PAPATV said...

Sienna's got a month or so to go before she pops out but she's been throwing some pretty good punches...ana and I laugh...we'll have to get her boxing gloves!

crazywildberry said...

Smart little girl! That's too bad though. It's a shame when they hurt themselves like that!

Grit said...

omg, your post reminds me of the bruises they acquire on their faces and foreheads once they start walking round the furniture... i spent everyday waiting for the little blighters to knock themselves out or kill themselves between table and chair. i do not recall that time with affection!

R. Molder said...

Hi Papa - it could be her feet kicking, check out where she's positioned in womb at your next ob/gyn appt.

Hi Grit - I guess the nightmare doesn't end with infant stage. We also have saltilo tile floors that we proudly installed ourselves last year never considering the aspect of children.