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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy 8th Wedding Anniversary to Husband

Today I have been married 8 years to my best friend!

I met my husband the first day of college in 1994 on October 3rd. I sat beside him and the teacher made us take notes on the person sitting next to us. We still have the notes! We didn't date for 3 years but instead became close friends. I've known my husband for almost 14 years. Life pre-husband was high school and that is so long ago it's barely relevant.

We started our married life in Fort Lauderdale the first year, moved to Miami for the 2nd year for my first job out of college, moved to LA for the next two years for my job, moved back to Fort Lauderdale for the next four years until now. At one point we got an offer to move to Hong Kong for a year and he was ready to support me there - but the offer wasn't very financially attractive so we turned it down in favor of starting a family.

I've become an adult with my husband. We went through the college years, post college years of getting an adult job, taking lots of cool vacations on our anniversary, buying vehicles and a house and now having a baby.

Over the years husband has taken impeccable care of me and now he is taking brilliant care of his daughter. I love my husband more every year and I'm so proud to call him husband.
Family in town insisted on a photo, not used to posing, we look like awkward high school students!


Greasycog said...

I love you too

crazywildberry said...

Happy Anniversary to a lovely couple that I am happy to call my friends. I wish you all the happiness and joy in the world as you celebrate eight years together. I love you guys!