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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Calvary is coming!

Grandparents are in route this week. My mom arrives tomorrow, husbands parents on Saturday. I'm told they are coming to help and I should be expecting a vacation. Somehow "guests" makes me want to assume the duty of host - but I've been told repeatedly to take this time to relax. So friends - what do you propose I do on my vacation with in-laws present?

The first thing on my list is taking a night off to see all the really cool movies that have just come out and I had been planning to see before babies birth - scheduled for July 21st - but since she came early hubs and I can use this as an evening break.

Mind you I'm still chained to the breast pump and/or breast feeding every 3 hours so it's like a mad dash to the closest theater. My how things have changed. Particularly as I type this post and listen to my baby monitor grunt and groan with gas noises. Poor baby - I'm trying Mylicon today in hopes of reliving the discomfort.

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crazywildberry said...

My mother came when baby 1 and baby 2 were born. She is also planning on coming when this one arrives. She helps with cleaning, doing laundry, cooking, watching older kids while I and baby nap, weeding my flower garden and was there to help with nursing issues and support. My dad didn't come and stay over night with either birth. He came for a day when baby 1 was born and he mowed the yard and helped hubs with other yard work. He came when baby 2 was 2 weeks old to meet her.

I am not sure that "vacation" is what I would call this. But, you shouldn't feel like you have to get up every time you or they need a glass of water or something to eat. They are there to help YOU. Let them wait on you and use this time to rest and get the rest of your strength back.

Since there will be two grandmas in the house, there might be some slight power struggles. So, assign each grandma her own task to complete, away from each other. However, give them each time to bond with baby Charlotte without the other right there, if possible. Each will have her own way of bonding and connecting with her. And each way is fine.

As far as leaving the house and getting a movie in, it all depends on how you feel. However, this is the best time to catch a movie anytime. For one, babies Charlotte's age sleep a lot and when they are awake, they need fed. So, I wouldn't hestitate to take her with you. Nursing in the dark in a plus. No one can see and you can watch while she is kept content.

One thing that I would suggest that the moms and you do is stock up on meals. With weeks or months of sleepless nights ahead of you, those would come in handy. Do you have a upright or deep freezer, great! Fill it up. Since Mom is going to be there, have her make some of your favorite dishes to stock away. If you don't have a seperate freezer, my suggestion is that you think about getting one. I love mine and don't know what I did without it!

Hope my post helps. I am so glad that you are getting some help. Also, I wish I had known that Mrs. B. was heading down your way, I would have dropped by her place this past weekend and sent along a gift for you! :( oh, well.