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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Baby is 5 weeks old today!

How long am I going to post about babies weekly birthday's? Probably until I go back to work and get distracted.

Starting next week I'm going back to work. It's Thursday and I'm still in negotiation with boss as to what style I'll be returning to work - work from home for 2 months or return to the office for a few days per week. Sound a bit late for this discussion? I think so! I've been trying for 9 months to finish this conversation with boss and he's just been so busy!!!

I've asked to work from home for 2 months because my job is frankly done entirely on computer through email, Microsoft and adobe software and on the baby front, I'd like to keep breast feeding her and it's easier to do from home with pumping, etc. Yeah there is interaction with other creative members but that can be done with phone calls and visits to the office which is 10 minutes away. I just want 2 more months to be near my baby!!!

Initially boss wanted me back in the office full time but was conflicted with family values of taking me away from baby so soon. Last message was something along the lines of he is leaning towards my proposal but with conditions. Standing by for the conclusion.

On the home front, husband and I have decided that he will be a stay at home dad M-F and work Saturday & Sunday. I've done the budget and this works.

Prior to this I was considering having a friend come up a few days out of the week (that husband was working) to work as a nanny. She called 2 days ago to say she's addicted to pain killers and needs to go to rehab. So that option is gone.

It's been a stressful week trying to figure all this out but today I'm very cheerful. I'm confident that having husband home M-F is the best option for our baby girl. Maybe I can come home for lunches and they can meet me for lunch. I just want babies first year to be comfortable and happy with mom and dad and this is the best compromise we can think of.


crazywildberry said...

I am loving this idea! I think this will work great and it will keep her out of germ-infested daycares, especially at her age! I think babies need that stability (if it can be provided) of staying at home with a parent. Glad that is will work with your budget too.

After all the years that you have been with the company, you would think that your boss could be a little more understanding and flexible. You have bent over backwards for them... a little in return, please? Huh!

Glad to hear that your friend was honest about her problem. That could have ended disasterously! Glad she is getting help.

R. Molder said...

Thanks, after we made this decision for husband to stay home, I was so relieved. I got the best sleep I'd had since having Charlotte and it helped to knock off the irritation with boss for dragging his feet for so long and behaving like a complete prat.