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Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Mike is Home!

 After two negative tests we are sure Mike did not catch the virus.  This despite being in a home with two Covid-19 patients, three times a day for seven days.  He wore two masks, one N-95 and was fastidious with hand washing.  Super thankful to have him back, but I also proved I can manage the kids for two weeks without him.  This was literally my first two weeks without him!  I've gone on many long trips over the years and left him alone.  It was interesting to be on the flip side.  He found himself doing the same thing I do when I get back from a trip, diving in to do whatever needs to be done!  

My cousin and aunt are getting better.  My cousin will probably need another 2-3 weeks to get her strength back, she was hit pretty hard with this virus.  Thankfully we have care takers in place to help with my aunt and some substitutes at school to help my cousin ease back into work.  

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