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Friday, January 01, 2021


Happy New Years!  Today was a nice relaxing day spent at home.  It was raining outside with the forecast of freezing rain.  I don't go anywhere when it's freezing rain.  Once, when I was a teenager, it was freezing rain after two weeks of being snowed in.  A friend begged me to come over, said the roads would be fine and convinced me to give it a try.  My dad didn't say no, but strongly warned me to not try it.  I went anyway and slid out of the driveway and into a ditch on the other side of the road.  Classic.  My dad didn't tell me I told you so, he just got to figuring out how to get my car out and I stayed home.  Since then I stay parked at home when it's freezing rain.

Thankfully we have all that we need and had no need to go anywhere.  For our New Years celebration we made:

I also made my favorite Lemon Bread for breakfast.  January is a month where I don't have any assigned fruit or veggie to cook with so it's time to bring back the classics for a few weeks.  

Post meal we launched The Two Towers disk 1.  It's alot to get through with four kids and we do an intermission mid-way for dessert.  I think most of them are enjoying it but they did seem to respond better to the Hobbit movies.  It's fun to have epic movie nights and my brother has been been coming over to enjoy them with us.

I feel like I should say something poignant about how we are going to make this the best year and yada yada go team but I'm feeling really mello these days, and a little bit melancholy.  I really do hope and pray for the best but we're still in the midst of Covid-19 with the future feeling very uncertain.  I'd just like to say I'm super thankful for family right now and we are doing our best to make the most of our time together, with those we have left.

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