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Sunday, January 08, 2017

Stroll through Hong Kong's Science District

After one week in China, I was very anxious for a walk and American food!  Here's the thing with China, I'm stuck in a hotel when I'm not working.  I love the freedom I have in Hong Kong to walk and experience the city.  After 16 years of traveling here I've found a level of independence and it's become one of my favorite cities.

This particular Sunday I was dropped at my hotel around 1pm and I immediately went to my favorite "Western" restaurant - Ruth Steak House (American food is called Western in Asia).  I don't order steak because Hong Kong is much better at seafood and this restaurant is particularly good at the King Crab Tuna dish.

After lunch I walked for two miles through the Science district.  I was looking for the Starbucks on Hollywood walk but it was closed due to construction so most of my walk was not very pretty.  I tried to catch local Pokemon but the game didn't work very well for me as I had trouble keeping a Wifi connection.  Regardless, it was still nice to get out and see things.  Here are some of the interesting sculptures I found around the Science center.

Hong Kong loves and cherishes their trees.  I like taking photos of the local trees because they are so carefully cared for and they build these nice boarders around them.

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