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Friday, April 01, 2016

Spring Egg Hunt 2016

Easter is hectic y'all.  Between church and making the most awesome ham ever along with trying to recreate memories of mom's Lemon meringue pie that has the meringue folded into the pie mix which proved beyond my capabilities at the moment, I had no time for an Easter Egg Hunt.  Mother in law had sent a box of lovely gifts and I assumed (wrongly) that the children should be quite fine with this.
They were not.

And at first, I didn't care, I mean I never had an Easter Egg Hunt as a kid.  Then I started thinking about family traditions and how each year we'd done it since Charlotte was a baby - well her first time was just a bunch of eggs thrown in front of her on a blanket but it was cute.  Then I didn't want it mixed up with Easter because it becomes the same problem as Christmas, one more silly tradition that takes away from the spiritual meaning of the day.

Thus, Spring Egg Hunt was born!  We decided to make it on April 1st this year but husband suggested making it the first day of Spring annually.  I like it.  Kids still get their fun, and it doesn't conflict with our Easter holiday.

It is fun putting eggs all over the yard and letting them hunt.  This year we got smart and assigned a color to each child so they couldn't hog the eggs.  It worked out brilliantly and I highly recommend it!

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