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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Quick Trip to Florida

Sorry this is a back post

On 4/21 I realized I needed to book a trip to Asia to work on a huge program that had just landed on my desk the day before.  I wrote to my boss and asked permission, he agreed but asked me to squeeze in a trip to Florida for the following week to discuss the project with him in person.

This being my 2nd trip away from my family this year, I was anxious about everything.  I spent most of Saturday cleaning the house, doing all the dishes, making a grocery list/menu for the following week, bills and laundry.  I upset the baby in the process who just wanted me to hold her.  I did stop in the afternoon and go to a church picnic but I was so stressed that when people asked how I was doing I found myself staring too long and blurting out, not great!  I'm real that way.  I don't like to say I'm fine when I'm clearly not.  When with Christians, might as well let them know how I am so they can pray appropriately, right!

Cute baby pictures at the picnic, she finished her snack and then filled her cup with bark:

On Sunday I still was not finished packing, because I had prioritized cleaning the day before, so husband took all the kids and left for Sunday School while I finished.  He tells me I do too much, he's probably right, but it's hard to let go of the things I feel are important.  I even packed little snacks for each kid to eat after they dropped me off at the airport complete with little notes.

This is us at the airport, Charlotte actually ask for the updated family together photo before a flight, they want me to crop out the background and fill it with orange mushrooms like I've done before and the last time we didn't have little Evie, Charlotte's thoughtful that way.  I'll have to remember to do this while I'm in Asia.

When I finally got on the plane with a book to read, I was so tired I promptly fell asleep.

So much for "me" time, hello Florida!

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