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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Facebook - please stop trying to be so helpful!

On a scale of tech savvy,  I probably rate about a 7.  I'm on a computer 8-10 hours per day and I work from home and solve all my own tech related problems, I've set up our computers and other families so I know my way around office tech.  I also utilize all the popular social media sites with an average time of maybe 1 hour collectively per day and I've blogged since 2007.  I know how to fix many basic things that break, but that doesn't mean I don't find myself getting tripped up when things change unexpectedly.

Recently I've found an issue that is highly irritating.  Facebook is slowly creeping into every aspect of my digital world.  I've seen for awhile now that anything I google, or search for in Amazon shows up as an ad in Facebook.  Okay fine, I've gotten used to this.  But then I started noticing recently that Facebook is offered as an alternative to log into a new site.  Let's say someone posts an interesting article and you think, oh that sounds interesting, only to be met with an annoying pop up sign in here page.  It gives you the option to sign in through Facebook, okay let me swat this fly out of the way and click yes, suddenly I'm getting emails from this website.  Oh great, another chain of spam, it's now a swarm of flies to swat.

Today I forgot my password to Pinterest.  I was sure it was through my Twitter account originally so I put in that information, not working.  So was it Facebook I used?  Oh dear, now I'm doubting myself.  Guess I'll log in through Facebook.  I see my face appear, must be my account.  But wait, they want me to pick things that I like, that's annoying, my feed should already be there.  So I click on the obligatory likes and suddenly I'm faced with A NEW PINTEREST ACCOUNT.  What??????  I guess that means I didn't use Facebook to access my original account and now I suddenly have a new account.  Another fly to swat.

I say this to simply point out that with all the "helps", sometimes Facebook is creating more annoyances than support.  Now I'm off to figure out how to access my original Pinterest account AND close this new one.

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