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Friday, December 12, 2014

Seriously considering quarantining the entire family until Christmas!

Last Tuesday Sam complained of a sore throat and I made the call to send him to school anyway.  It's hard to tell the difference between normal stuff kids complain about and a serious oncoming illness - or so I say to comfort myself.  By 10am we got calls and text messages to come get Sam because he was getting worse and crying.  He stayed on the couch for 2 days while we did our best to comfort him and by Friday he was better!  Saturday the two girls got sick and by Sunday husband was down for the count so I spent the day catering to everyone and wishing someone would come get Sam and take him out to play because he was bouncing off the walls!

I worked Monday and took care of sick husband and girls and I guess they wore me down because by Tuesday morning I was unable to work.  For 3 days I've had the most intense cold/sinus headaches and body aches and pains.  Being 35 weeks pregnant means I can take very little medicine.  The only bright side is this little girl really appreciated the extra cuddle time.

Today is the first day I'm finally able to look at a computer screen and function normally. 

I've lost all ability to send out Christmas cards and do all those fun little Christmas projects with the kids that I wanted to do.  The tree is up though, we managed to squeeze that in on Friday in between the kids trading illnesses.  So at least it looks like Christmas in our home.  I'm just not sure I have much energy to do anything else at this point.  My biggest regret is not getting a family Christmas picture taken while I'm pregnant but maybe we can squeeze that in next week. 

Next week is the school Christmas program on Tuesday and husband declared the only way we're missing that is if I'm in the hospital giving birth!  Then there's a bells program on Wednesday and a Christmas play on Sunday so I guess quarantining will not work.  Let's pray for complete healing and no more illness for the remainder of this pregnancy!!!

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