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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

New Years Resolution - to not read TRASH on the internet! AOL, you are dead to me.

I got really excited when the Daily Beast first came out because it was like getting New York Times and People magazine in one.  Until they became obsessed with porn.  Every other day was highlighting a porn star, or something to do with pornography until it finally just got to a point where I realized they were clearly obsessed.  Even if I didn't click on any of the articles, I was still supporting the website by visiting in general.  So last year I stopped reading the Daily Beast.  I have not missed it.

Now I'm banning AOL because they are directly linked to Huffington Post which seems to find bestiality a hoot.  You think I'm joking?  See today's front page news titled "The 'Average Women's Magazine Cover' Parody You Need To See".  Sounds funny right?  But the bottom of the cover suggest women are so obsessed with sex that they'd be willing to give a baboon a blow job. 

Enough!  It's not even remotely funny.  It is disgusting and stupid.  So AOL, you are officially banned from my list of reading material.  Get an editor with a moral pulse because you are seriously out of control.

If you recall, right before Christmas, GLADD was horrified to read Phil Robertson's comments comparing the gay lifestyle to being one step away from bestiality so I KNOW I'm not the only one disgusted with this kind of talk. 

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