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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Desktop backgrounds that make babies and kids very happy!

My kids love seeing this family photo on my desktop.  The youngest squeals "baby", the 3 and 5 year old point out everyone in the photo.  It's just a random airport photo taken before my last trip to Asia and the background is so plain. 

I read a creative blog recently that suggested spending one hour doing something really fun and creative.  You might think, hey, she works at a toy company - how could that not be fun?!?  She must play all day long.  No, lately it's been spreadsheets, schedules and email.  My right brain has been begging for an hour splurge on something silly.  I really don't have time to do a detailed tutorial so this is going to be a very simple step by step process. 

1.  Crop family in Photoshop. 

2.  Find simple park bench image by searching for park benches under Google images.  The straight lines are super easy to crop and the rectangles in the center even more fun.

3.  Add family to park bench, move to bottom of page.

4.  Think of wacky background that will totally surprise the kids.  They fell in love with these amazing orange mushrooms in the summer.  Why not scale our park bench photo to be UNDER the mushrooms.  That would be awesome!!!

Final result:

Kid reaction - speechless, awe and wonder!!!  Now if I just had time to add a few Brian Froud inspired fairies and gnomes...

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