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Thursday, January 09, 2014

And today's educational value brought to you by working mom! Who is entertaining 1 and 3 year old while dad gets Charlotte from school!!

3 year old - loves numbers
Today's task - smash number molds into Play-Doh, educational value - very low but reinforcing LOVE for numbers!

"If you drop something from your Puter then I will get it for you" ~ said after I got up 3 times to pick up dropped clay.

1 year old - loves doing whatever 3 year old does
Today's task - stack Play-Doh containers and place round balls of clay (that mom has rolled) into said containers.  Gather all triangle crayons and place into chair for later.  Restack containers.  Ignore paper set out for drawing on.  Shout for more containers to stack.

"No Violette!  Draw on the paper, not the table!" ~ to which she replied with a motor boat ppppfftttt.

"Good girl Violette, draw on paper" ~ to which she replied with a motor boat ppppfftttt.

And 3 year old follows by repeating above statement followed by "Ahhhh, Ahhhh", in a high pitch squeaky voice.  "Don don don, ooooh, I made number three uppsy down.  Ah mama, I wov you mama, ah mama, I wov you mama.  Number 5!!!!   Yummy in my tummy, feels goooood, duttly dut, duttly dut!  Mama - whoa!".  Shows me clay smashed into number mold.

"Violette!  Don't eat the crayons!"  Violette, don't drop crayons on the floor!  Violette, draw on paper!  To which she takes a deep breath and PPPPPPPPPBBBBBBBBBBFTTTTT!  And I take away crayons so she retaliates by turning around to turn our light off followed by a large PPPPBBBBFFFTT!!!!

"I can't do Play Doh with this light turned off!" ~ Sam.

Um, can I go back to work now?

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