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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Notes from Allume 2012 ~ The Nester

I have admired The Nester's blog for awhile now, she's so full of creativity; so I was excited to catch her talk at Allume '12.

Following Your Passion 

How do you want readers to feel when they leave your blog?
What do you want them to do differently when they leave your blog?
What do you hope they turn to your site first for?
What are you obsessed with?
What are you an expert at?

“A successful blog is one that reaches it’s intended audience” Rachel Meeks

Content:  she was 10% content, 90% random.
Time:  fiercely protect your time.

Your most valuable contribution is content.

Do you find yourself overwhelmed and overloaded, saying yes to too many things.  Is this an opportunity or a floppertunity? 

Create white space – the problem with doing everything is that you have no time for doing nothing.

Rest in the midst of the undone, rest is a choice and a reward.

The secret art of saying No.

“A big part of doing your work is defending your time and your attention so you can do your work” – Seth Godin. 

Know why you blog.
Decide how much time you can commit.
Under-schedule and prioritize rest.
Create something meaningful and share it.
Don’t fall for distractions – focus.

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