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Friday, December 21, 2012

Condo Tales ~ Nostalgia

We're moving soon - well as soon as we can do a bunch of things that are required for a move.  I look around my crowded condo with fondness.  We have stuff in strange places and it no longer bothers me.

The light housing from our porch light sits on our TV stand, that's because our neighbor girl keeps borrowing our porch table - but that still doesn't explain why the light housing is off.  That's because our Christmas lights are connected to the porch light socket.  See - it's condo living at it's best!

Our couch doesn't have a cover, it was taken off approximately a week ago.  It's been cleaned, I'll probably get it back on tomorrow.

There is a feather duster on the floor, probably dropped by a child trying to help.

Toys scattered randomly.

And this is just the living room.

We have a changing table in the dining room that includes all of babies clothing.  That's because it no longer fits in the kids room that all three share.

I'm tired.  It's been a long year so I'm just going to sit here and ignore it all.  Maybe I'll watch a movie with the love of my life :)

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