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Friday, December 28, 2012

Condo Tales ~ Friends

Our building sits in what one might call a cul de sac if we were in a housing community.  Our home faces others and our neighbors all have children of various ages.  It's fascinating to me how they seek each other out daily to play every day.

The oldest and ringleader is 12; she rounds the girls up and keeps them safely within our "boarders", meaning she keeps them directly within eyesight of our porch.  I LOVE her for this.  She's responsible and friendly.  I think when we move, I will write her mom a letter saying how well she has done with raising an amazing daughter.

Across from us is a pair of sisters, 9 and 5.  The youngest is closest in age to our 4 year old.  You might think these two would play together exclusively but no, the ringleader keeps the merry band together.

They create sidewalk chalk masterpieces.

They pick up trash - yes!  the ringleader gave them all bags and had them cleaning up the yard!

They even allow our 2 year old to join in the fun!

They all collectively agree that we have the cutest dog in the world and they love to make over him.

They all collectively adore our baby and the ringleader tries to hold her every day, much to Violette's continue dismay because she's going through a "parent only" phase.

It's becoming harder to tear ourselves away from this place because we feel bad for taking Charlotte away from her friends.  But we have our future to consider and it involves more then just keeping Charlotte with her friends.  We want to live near family and be involved in their lives and them in ours. So that means setting a moving date and sticking to it!

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