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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Random Tuesday - a rant about breast pumping at work

I posted this on Facebook and terrified all the guys, I say this because I received 11 likes and 9 comments - all from women!  Of course the subject is a rant about breast pumping in the office!  But made even funnier to me that no men dared to comment.

When I'm at home, it is a guarantee that the moment I sit down on a toilet someone will fall and crack their head.

In the office, seconds after I close my office door and turn on my breast pump a knock on the door or a phone call is guaranteed asking when I will be done because someone wants to send a fax, or scan something or look at the wall they've covered with papers detailing a well thought 
out operational system that promises to save us all tons of time someday and they couldn't find a bigger wall elsewhere.

Today the knock was because they wanted to present boss with an animated birthday card they worked on all morning instead of doing real work.

Like I care!

Leave me alone to breast pump in silence people! If my door is closed, I don't care to know that you exist. I'm in my cone of silence and your pithy matters are of no concern to me! And if you've managed to crack your head in the office, drive yourself to the ER or call an ambulance!

Cone of silence people. Respect the door!

Your loving office mom,


Becki Bayley said...

Amen! I hate pumping, and would hate it even more if I had to do it at work - at home with two little ones is quite bad enough. Adults should know better...respect, people!

Here from Random Tuesday :)

rubberbacon said...

Thank you Becki! Lovely of you to stop by!!

Claire said...

I had a sign ffor my door with a bottle on it that said "Pumping, BRB". People pretty much left me alone after that!

Vandy Jones said...

I was lucky in that I was in the basement of the building and most people left me alone--I put a sign on the door to please knock and things went well, but I can see your point--the closed door is like an irresistible force to people.

Sarah said...

And that is largely why I gave up breastfeeding early on with my first child. Well, that and we just didn't do well with it. The two after her were better. But I hated pumping at work. I think you should make a sign. "Respect the door!"

rubberbacon said...

Love that Sarah! I just might do that. Thanks for stopping by!!

rubberbacon said...

Hi Vandy, awesome of you to stop by! It's been awhile since I participated in RTT but thought this was worth while. Hope all is well with you and the family. I'll stop by your blog later.

rubberbacon said...

Awesome! I'll add that to a sign that says "Respect the Door!"

Stacy said...

I need a cone of silence. Isn't it funny how the minute you need a minute of privacy, everyone else needs your time or space?