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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Nick Nick Nickelodeon - Hotel

Knowing I'll be away the last weekend of the month, I was reluctant to do a work trip to Orlando for three days. So I took the entire family with me!

Rates are rock bottom because school is in session so we snagged a room for under $100 per night! Sweet!

Nick hotel has a mini water park in the center complete with slime dump every day at 4:45!

In the first evening (after my work meetings were complete) we got to meet SpongeBob! Charlotte was so thrilled, afterwards she claimed "he is so handsome"! I wonder if that's a first for SpongeBob. Albeit her compliment skills are limited but we thought is was cute.

We attended an evening session of Double Dare! I was clearly more excited than the entire family. I remember dreaming of being on this show when I grew up with my brothers!

The water park turns into a major slime zone at 4:45, Violette and I watched the family get slimed!

In summary, it's an extremely fun hotel to leave the family for a few days.  I had all day meetings so it was nice to leave them somewhere fun.  I highly recommend this hotel for the fun stuff AND the staff was super cool and nice.  

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