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Thursday, October 25, 2012


One year ago I attended a little blogging conference in Harrisburg, PA.  It was a lovely weekend with new friends and serious workshops teaching how to do this thing called blogging better.  And now the time has come for the same conference and I can mark my place in time with what I’ve accomplished since the last conference.

One whole year later, for an overachiever and big thinker you’d think I might have a litany of things to write about but this year didn’t happen as I had planned.  No, this year was filled with unexpected medical issues and expenses that delayed our moving plans.  This was a year filled with more stress then I’ve ever had in a lifetime.

I should be excited because I love this blogging event but I’m exhausted, my shoulders ache with stress.  On a random side note, I’m still breast feeding 6mo old so on this trip I’ll be pumping and my stress level is so high I just pumped 1.5oz, that’s about 25% of what I normally pump at work.

My husband says to me, “if you have too much on your plate then pray about it”.  I have and it seems more is piled on every day. 

Last year my only objective at the conference was where to take my blog in 2012 and I got very useful advice that I’ve steadily implemented over the past year, I think it’s quite lovely now.

This year I’m only looking for rest.

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