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Monday, December 12, 2011

Random Tuesday

Hi random Tuesday, I've been absent for a few weeks. Sorry about that. I've been baking cookies for two weekends straight and working with a few bloggy friends on some exciting projects.

Oh did you notice the Fall boarder is STILL UP? Yeah, I've been THAT busy! Oh well, at least the colors are pretty and calming. I promise to put winter up before January hits.

Christmas season with the kids has been fun. We put our tree up on a trunk (like Stacy), great minds think alike! It keeps the ornaments out of kids way. Another friend put a gate around their tree. I love how innovative parents have to be to keep kids away from ornaments!

Random image of sibling love

Have a great Tuesday!


Vandy Jones said...

We put our tree on a table for two years. This year the tree in in our front room, where we eat, but don't spend a lot of time. That helps. Although the presents under the tree are a constant draw.

Angie said...

All of my ornaments are non-breakable but to keep Rachel from ripping them off the tree I hung a sparkly candy cane and told her she could play with that one item. So far that has been enough to keep her attention from the rest of the tree. :)

rubberbacon said...

That's awesome, mine are content to remove all ornaments within reach so the last 2 feet of tree is bare!

rubberbacon said...

I see a trend forming here!