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Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day for the workoholic

I LOVE this day!

At first I was kinda dreading it. Of an office with 9, only 2 are present today and I'm one them. What? I have to go to work with just one other person? My entire client base AND Hong Kong office is on vacation. Come on!!!

But I have never felt so productive! No distractions, I can choose silence or blasting my favorite music. Lunch at my desk. Quick jaunt out to get new tires on my car, back in 15 minutes. This is turning out to be a really cool day!

Maybe the quiet time is cathartic after a weekend of squealing, hyper kids maxed out on sugar? Yes, that's what it is. Quiet time. I love this!!!

1 comment:

Amy Sullivan said...

Glad you are feeling productive, friend. I love days when most are out at work.

Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas. It's been fun getting to know you better this year through blogging. Oh and by the way, cute, cute new profile pic. I so cannot wear hats, but I so want to!