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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dig Deeper

Jill would be 30 this year, if she had not died from a drug overdose 2 years ago today. I found out about her death a year after it happened, because I was an absent friend.

Jill's death changed me in a profound way. I learned to dig deeper into the lives of those actively participating within my orbit. In this past year I've tried to push beyond my quiet introverted self to be more involved in my friends lives and I can honestly say I'm a happier person.

Phone calls, text messages, Facebook, in person get-together with girl friends from high school - all priceless moments in this year.

In addition, I've tried to reach into my blog community for those in need or just looking for encouragement. I hope I've made an impact in your lives, you certainly have in mine.

I'm still a work in progress as I learn to dig deeper. I hope to never again go a year without calling a friend back.


Amanda said...

I don't even remember how I stumbled on to your blog, I know I yours is one of the first ones I look to when I sit down to read every night. It's funny how someone you have never spoken to can have some an important meaning in your day. :)

Richard Amish stories said...

Happy holidays folks as I'm just visiting different blogs. Richard from Amish Stories

rubberbacon said...

Amanda this is the reason I blog, to reach others who I may never speak to. I really appreciate your kind words, the fact that you read my blog every night is an incredible honor. Thank you!!!

Kim said...

It's a sad, but beautiful post.

(I just dropped off a meal to a new mommy - I've been trying to be a more active member of my community as well.)