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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Random Tuesday

Today's random post is in honor of my daughters new favorite $2.00 baby - GREEN SQUISHY!

Thus far Green Squishy has been treated to a diaper change, bottle, tickled, slept with and taken for a dump truck ride.

Green Squishy also gets to watch morning TV with Charlotte.

And here is a photo Charlotte took of her new baby.

Do you know how much time is spent in toy companies brainstorming the next cool lovable toy kids will adore???? And my daughter falls in love with a $2.00 green squishy toy????

What cheap/free toy has your child fallen in love with?


VandyJ said...

Too many to count. Adn most have eventually gone away, but at the time they were the best toy ever!
Toy makers forget the imagination in toys all the time.

Kristine said...

My kid LOVES squishies and she's almost 12. They just feel so cool!

The Crazy Coxes said...

Perfect! There aren't 100's of pieces and pages of directions. i hope you have an extra one hidden away!

Stacy Uncorked said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love it!!! That's too funny for words - and Princess Nagger would SO love to have a squishy like that to pamper, too. Of course she'd probably pretend it was some sort of dinosaur, but still. ;) Too too funny!! Thanks for the giggle - and for being such a dedicated rebel! :)

Dino Fun, Hubby Yucks, Vacation Race - RTT Rebel

amanda said...

I admit, you made me laugh, considering your line of work! :) Great pic of Charlotte though. :)

Grit said...

the horrible creature they named 'pom pom'. basically, this was a polystyrene craft ball dressed up in pink fur and a string of pearls. they pretended it was a cat. then there was an elastic gecko and a set of plastic cockroaches.

the toys you make, all those beautiful plush cuddlies with cute faces and big eyes... now they're really aimed at the grown ups, aren't they?!