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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Charlotte turns 3

Happy Birthday Charlotte, you are 3 years old! Why don't you tell us about your fabulous year!!

JULY 2010
Baby brother Sam was born! This was the big event for July, we all sat around patiently waiting for him to make his debut. He finally arrived on July 29th.


We had three full weeks of Grandparent time. After they left I tried to help by bringing diapers when Sam cried and holding him but sometimes I got jealous and made a big mess while mom was busy with Sam.


We went to Chick Fil A and I scared the girls in the playroom by screaming BAHJAAAAAAH every time they entered the room, repeatedly. Mom sat with an infant grimacing over my social skills. Two weeks later, I did it again to the same two girls. Ha!

We celebrated Talk Like a Pirate Day for the 3rd year straight! ARRRRRRR!!! Pirate Charlotte!

Time for a Wedding, I was the Flower Girl. Mom had to carry me down the aisle, too many people watching, it was kinda scary.

Pumpkin Patch (the beginning of my blankie obsession):

And Halloween, first night of trick or treating

Blanket obsession grows stronger.
And for Thanksgiving we went to the beach (a family tradition - although covering face in Vaseline at the beginning of the day was new).

Time for Christmas which means matchy outfits for Christmas card, decorations, presents and lights!

I covered myself bedroom in baby powder during a time out.

We also got a Mema visit in January, those are always FUN!!!

Valentine's day - I love little brother! Mom used this for the V-day card.

MARCH 2011
This month involved an exciting 2 week trip to Texas to see grandparents and great grandparents while mom traveled around Asia. Fun!

APRIL 2011
Mom's favorite holiday, Easter! Time to buy cute bunny dresses. Dad got us both solid chocolate bunnies! It took an entire month to eat them!!

MAY 2011
Camping trip in the Florida Keys! It was so hot I asked for my house by 10am the first day!

It got better! We played in the ocean and saw lots of really cool stuff. And when we were in the ocean, a fish bit mama on the BUTT!

At the end of the month, on Memorial Day, parents decided to take us for our 1st canoe ride. Oh the horror!

JUNE 2011
Birthday month! First a visit with Grandma!!! She let me finish her pasta.

We played at the playground where I gave Sam a big hug!

And finally a birthday party! With kids! And presents! And CAKE!

Happy Birthday Charlotte, looking forward to another fun year!


rapunzel said...

Happy Birthday, Charlotte! She's so cute!!!

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Charlotte...you've had quite a year! It still makes me giggle when I hear about the Chick-fil-a "incident."

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fabulous year indeed! Happy birthday!

Grit said...

happy belated birthday wishes! may your year ahead be filled with fun packed days!